surface level knowledge skins my knee

documentation of solo exhibition held January 2020 in San Diego, at Good Faith Project Space

born sweet, but the fruit went bad
mixed media collage on plywood in artist's frame
19"x30”   2019

sometimes i feel soft
sometimes i feel hard
other times i don't
wood, concrete, fabric, tyvek, inkjet on canvas, sewing, paper,
tape, matte medium, silkscreen, vhs tape, grommets, hardware
44"x59”    2019

my throat closes when you're around. think i need a ricola
silkscreen, acrylic, matte medium, toner, collage, enamel,
graphite, oil stick on muslin
36"x48”   2020 

untitled (5 dollars off)
fabric, ikea bag, found glove, inkjet on canvas, sewing
16”x20"    2019

two phones
concrete, matte medium, toner, collage on canvas in artist's frame
16.5"x20.5"    2020

a person on the internet
t-shirt, acrylic, wood, sewing
21"x27"x4"    2019

got to the bottom and there was nothing left (cheetos)
mixed media collage on panel
12"x16"    2019

carl jungle (jos donaldson) 
documentation of ‘death metal wellness ceremony’